about shalomie tewes

Thank you for taking the time go through this website.

I am Shalomie and I started The Pigment Nation to bring together people of various ethnicities and skin tones and celebrate our differences, create conversations around the good and bad experiences in life and find solutions to the problem of inequality.

We are constantly being hit with media messages that tell us we aren’t enough and that we should conform rather than be bold to own our differences. The world tries to divide us humans on the basis of our ethnicity, language, skin colour, physical features and what we say and do, essentially taking our identities away.

While there are countless events in history that we could blame the origins of racism on, and it’s easy to blame it all on the ‘humanness in us’, I believe that every person has the innate capability to choose if they want to be an oppressor or an equal.

Through my work for 7 years with the Dark Is Beautiful campaign, I realised that in the many moments someone spoke against my skin colour, the texture of my hair or my body type, I had been blissfully unaware that I was being discriminated against. It hit me hard when I realized that how I was made to feel in those moments was not my fault and that I was in fact being bullied and belittled for things I couldn’t even change in the first place!

Looking back I wish someone had told me this truth:

You were born perfect and you don’t have to change anything about your self in order to feel accepted by your family, friends or society.