Love & Respect

We are all people of flesh and blood!

My name is Jyoti Van Acker. I was born in India (Chennai).  At the age of 2 years, I was adopted and went to live in Belgium (Europe). There are so many differences between these 2 countries.  Different skin colour, language, clothing, religion, food, climate, nature etc.

A few years ago, I went to visit India.  Back to my roots.  The first thing I noticed when I stepped out of the plane, was the heat and the crowd. Another thing that struck me was that  Indian men threat women totally different than Belgian men.

The married women wear colourful sarees.  In Belgium there is no difference in clothing between married and not married women. The Indian food is very spicy.  I am not used to eat spicy food.  Most Indians don’t eat meat and have a huge respect for all animals. The poverty in India shocked and worries me very much.  In Belgium, the differences between rich and poor people are not so big as in India. Religion takes a much bigger place in India than in Belgium.  The many amazingly beautiful temples are visited by tourists and Indian people as well. You can see how devoted Indian people are to their god(s).  I can not describe all the differences because I would have to write a book.  These are just a few things that impressed me the most.

We are people of flesh and blood. We all need love and respect.

However the differences between my native country, India and Belgium, the place where I grew up and still live, they  will have a special place in my heart.  It’s enriching, but it can sometimes be confusing as well.  What we human beings all have in common, is that we are people of flesh and blood.  We all need love and respect. I try to express my feelings through my art.  It is easier for me than to talk about it.  It gives me more peace with me and the world.

picture of Jyoti Van Acker

Jyoti Van Acker

Jyoti is an artist based in Belgium. Find out more about her work by visiting her website.